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Nutrilite™ Omega 3 Complex is a food supplement containing high-quality omega-3 fatty acids which supports the normal functioning of the heart*.

Why you will love it…

Omega-3 fatty acids work like the oiled chain on a bike by supporting normal heart function. However, they are known as ‘essential’ because we cannot produce them naturally in our body; we have to get them from our diet. A balanced diet including one-or-two portions of fish a week is ideal but, we understand, not always possible.

Despite not being able to synthesise them on our own, omega-3 essential fatty acids are hugely important for the normal functioning of the heart as well as helping to maintain overall good health from top-to-toe. Nutrilite™ Omega 3 Complex is a food supplement containing the omega-3 fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). Together they supply the fatty acids you may be missing out on in your diet.

What you need to know…

  • Nutrilite™ Omega 3 Complex contains a blend of omega-3 oils from our trusted Nutricert™ certified suppliers. Including salmon from the pure waters of Norway and anchovies, mackerel and sardines from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  • Anchovies, mackerel and sardines are lower on the food chain and therefore have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • One capsule contains approximately the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids as 28g of salmon, tuna or sardines.
  • Helps to support heart function with an Omega-3 Complex made up of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)*.
  • The omegas are combined with vitamin E and encapsulated within 72-hours of harvest to ensure their quality.
  • Every batch of fish oil is tested to ensure its quality and purity compliance.
  • There are no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives.

* The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of EPA and DHA.

To use:

Take one capsule a day with food.


  • As the typical diet is not rich in Omega-3 fatty acids due to low fish consumption, NUTRILITE Omega-3 Complex provides a convenient way to add these valuable fatty acids to the diet.
  • One capsule supplies 180 mg of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 120 mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added


  • Omega-3 fatty acids - an essential component of everyone’s diet to ensure their optimal vital activity.
  • Belong to the essential (indispensable) FA, i.e. not synthesized in the human body and must be supplied with food.
  • Normalize fat metabolism, blood pressure, help to keep blood vessels elastic and reduces sedimentation of "harmful" cholesterol on the inner walls of the arteries up to nearly 75%, and thus is the number one agent in the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids protect the myocardium (heart muscle), helping to maintain the natural rhythm of the heart, are used in the treatment of arrhythmias and heart failure.
  • Sufficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet promotes the synthesis of specific substances that suppress inflammation and slow the progression of atherosclerosis.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids improve the function of the nervous system thus contribute to concentration, improve memory, eyesight and prevent the development of nervous and mental disorders.
  • Essential in the comprehensive care of the condition of the skin, nails and hair, promote qualitative renewal of skin cells, hydrate the skin from the "inside" and reduce dryness, flaking and redness, slow down the formation of wrinkles.


For detailed information please refer to the local language version of the page.

Suggested usage

One capsule a day. 

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